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10 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Make Your Desktop Site More Mobile Friendly

More and more of your customers are visiting your desktop site on mobile devices. They complain that they have to switch to a desktop computer to accomplish basic tasks. 

You know this is bad for your business and that you should do a responsive redesign. Unfortunately, a complete rebuild is not in the cards because it’s expensive, time consuming, and for large organizations, can be a political minefield. 

The Mobile Retrofit Guide is your solution

I have boiled down thousands of hours of mobile research, development experience, and training engagements into ten simple things you can do today to make your desktop site more mobile friendly. 

Each chapter covers a straight-forward tweak that you (or your web developer) can implement in an hour or less. 

Why tear your hair out researching responsive design patterns, advanced media queries, and mobile UX best practices when I’ve already done the grunt work for you?

For less than the cost of 1 hour of consulting time and FAR less than a from-scratch responsive redesign, you can have:

  • Increased sales across all device types
  • Faster loading pages across all device types
  • Faster logins on mobile devices
  • Lower bounce rates on mobile devices
  • Fewer customer complaints about “broken” site

TMRG is more than just an ebook

I love paper books (heck, I’ve written three of them!) but paper books aren’t always the best way to communicate software design and development concepts. 

Folks who pre-order TMRG will receive:

  • DRM free PDF ideal for on-screen reading on your desktop computer, your iPad or Android tablet
  • Access to a Github repo of code examples
  • Links to supplementary videos
  • Free updates forever
  • And best of all, a 50% pre-order discount!

Let’s put this in perspective: 

A sixty minute phone call with me is $250. For a fraction of the cost of a phone call, you will learn how to increase customer satisfaction, increase website conversions, and increase product sales - all in a matter of hours! What’s not to love?

Topics include...

  • Making navigation mobile friendly
  • Setting appropriate input types
  • Adding password visibility toggles
  • Deactivating auto-entry options
  • Making tap targets more finger friendly
  • Removing hovers on touch devices
  • Optimizing images
  • Concatenating external files
  • Leveraging server-side compression
  • Caching static assets


If you are willing to get your hands a little dirtier, I include several bonus chapters that are a bit more complex but can have a powerful positive impact on the user experience:

  • Adding explicit labels to form fields
  • Removing the 300ms click delay on touch devices
  • Making sure modal popovers are dismissible
  • Hosting videos on youtube
  • Creating responsive landing pages for specific tasks

Grab your copy now, and have your site retrofitted in no time!

About the Author

Hi! I’m Jonathan Stark. I’m a mobile consultant who has helped organizations such as CVS, Staples, Time, Entertainment Weekly, Nokia, Intel, and many more with mobile strategy, training, and development. 

I’ve written three books on mobile and web development, most notably O’Reilly’s Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which is available in seven languages.

With my books, training workshops, and speaking engagements, I have helped thousands of web designers and developers make the leap from desktop to mobile. You could be next!


Jonathan Stark



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